This page contains all the resources I've gathered from miscellaneous sites, blogs, anything! They are categorizes by what they are: reverse shell, tool, etc...


Reverse Shells:


Bash One-Liner [EXTERNAL]

PowerShell One-Liner [FILE]

PowerShell One-Liner (URL Friendly) [EXTERNAL]

Priv Esc:

Linux Encountered

Windows Encountered

SecWiki Github (Lots of kernel exploits) [EXTERNAL]

Sherlock PowerShell


Impacket Github [EXTERAL]


Crawler User-Agents [FILE]

SecList Github [EXTERNAL]

Custom Tools:

HTB: Arctic Arbitrary File Upload [FILE]

HTB: BountyHunter XXE Exploit [FILE]

HTB: Lame Samba Exploit [FILE]

HTB: Previse Exploit -> Shell [FILE]

Proving Grounds: Inclusiveness [FILE]

Last edit: 2021.09.09